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Un árbol de poesía azteca en Chicago

Fuente: Idaho Statestman


Bundle of cotton: a poetry tree.
Copo de Algodón: un árbol de poesía.

The novel "Copo de Algodón" (Bundle of Cotton) tells the story of the Conquest of Mexico as seen through a little girl's eyes, Moctezuma's daughter. Considered a tribute to Aztecan poetry, this work represents a timeless and exquisite piece of poetry.

The workshop consists of three parts:

Short introduction to the world of Copo de Algodón, the myth
of the birth of the Fifth Sun in Teotihuacan, Quetzalcóatl spirituality, the rise of the Aztecs, the grounding of Tenochtitlan, the time concept and the main Aztec poetic themes: the ephemerality of earthly life seen as a dream that ends in death. Nahuatl poetry comes from the sky and its beautiful songs enrich the earth with beauty.

A stream of Aztec poetry in Spanish and Nahua written in form
of tree leaves on tissue paper, participants will read the verses one by one on "Flor y Canto para Copo de Algodón" (Flower and songs for Bundle of Cotton) music piece, composed by the Mexican author David García.

Inspired by this experience, the participants will be given tissue
paper in form of tree leaves so that they can write their own verse in Nahuatl as sudden bursts of creativity. They will then be read out loud on the same background music. At the end of the workshop, the participants will attach the leaves to a cardboard and they will draw the tree's branches and trunk. The symbolic tree embodies the blend of Aztec poetry and the participant's creation.

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